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CONTENS 4.0 - Content Management for Highest Standards

Editors need to create new pages and edit content in a quick and easy fashion. Administrators need to easily integrate existing applications and develop new applications faster. And those in charge of online marketing just need multi-language websites to run smoothly at all times. We have developed  CONTENS 4.0 for people who demand the best.

Easy, Intuitive User Interface

User InterfaceIn CONTENS, you work on pages that are displayed exactly as they appear when published. The WYSIWYG view makes it easy to create new pages and edit content be-cause your changes are visible immediately. Content can be opened for editing by double-clicking or can be moved by drag & drop. The user-friendly tree view allows you to move entire pages by drag & drop as well.

Global Search through all Content

Global SearchAll content such as articles, news, images, documents, pages, categories, editors and groups can be searched centrally in CONTENS. The search results appear in a well-arranged, sorted list. By using individualized search agents you can also include external data sources such as product databases. With CONTENS powerful search features, you never lose track of content, even in very large databases.

Easy Integration of Applications

ModulesIn addition to optional CONTENS modules, you also very easily integrate already existing applications in CONTENS. Even content of external databases can be administered using CONTENS. Editors can work on application data, such as structured information, within the same user interface as they do for editorial articles. CONTENS access permission and the workflow system allow you to determine when administrative areas of modules can be used.

Multiple Use of Content

Multiple UseEfficiency is a top priority at CONTENS. A press release, for example, can be outputted in different places on the website. If you make changes in one place, all versions of that press release will be updated simultaneously. The press release may also be customized to display differently depending on where it is placed: on the homepage, only date and title; on an overview page, just the title and an image; for the press release, the complete information.

Rule-Based Content Output

Active LocationFrom the central CONTENS library, headlines, articles, news, and other content objects can be inserted into a page with just a few clicks. Active locations allow content to be presented on a page according to your own rules. Simply activate the rule with one click and the page will only display news from the last past 12 months or the last ten press releases in a particular category.

Customized Content for Your Target Groups

Target GroupsTarget groups can be applied to all content and pages in CONTENS. For example, you can provide registered users with additional information on the homepage or set up a separate extranet for your partners. Editors simply define which target groups may access what types of pages and content. In that way, CONTENS minimizes considerably the time and effort needed for operating target group-specific websites.

Create once, publish anywhere

ChannelsDefining channels for different media types is easy with CONTENS. Whether website, mobile device, or RSS feed, you are just one mouse click away from defining what content should be outputted to which channel. Even the size and appearance of a piece of content can differ for every channel. You will never duplicate content to fit your channels again.

Customizable Content Objects

Object WindowThe structure for registering content objects like headlines, news, or articles can now be individually composed and configured. For example: You can easily specify which elements of an object shall be required or optional, multilingual or even multifunctional. Since the forms for content registration are generated automatically, structural changes can also be implemented quickly and easily.

Multi-Client Capability

Multi-ClientIn CONTENS, you can manage various online projects in one place. Websites, country versions, language versions, intranets, extranets or microsites are maintained easily and conveniently. Access permissions define precisely who has access to what areas and who is allowed to edit what types of content.  This greatly reduces the time and effort necessary for the administration of multiple websites.

Fast Sites for Optimal Performance

PerformanceCONTENS enables the publication of static, dynamic, and hybrid websites for optimal delivery time of your content. CONTENS automatically determines what content can be created statically and which dynamically. Static content is pre-produced and offers the maximum performance with the minimum hardware demands. Personalized content and applications, on the other hand, are published dynamically by CONTENS.

API for Access to System Functions

APIThe comprehensive application programming interface (API) enables you to access system functions in CONTENS. These include creating, saving, updating, moving, deleting, generating, and publishing of content objects and pages. You can choose bet -ween hundreds of different methods to access system functions. You can, for example, create external content as objects, integrate it on a page, and then publish it all: Automatically.

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