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CONTENS enterprise

CONTENS 4.0 - Content Management SystemA single installation of CONTENS enterprise gives you central administrative control over any number of media types. Whether you want to operate websites in foreign countries, a few partner-extranets, or focussed customer portals, it's up to you. 

Since a website may be set up in the system as a client, you can profit from independent libraries, administrative sections, and contents. This allows a better overview, as well as making administrative tasks a whole lot simpler.

The filter applications in CONTENS allow a precise display of the future appearance of your website. For example, you will know beforehand exactly how your website will look like on the PDA of your business partners during a new product launch.

CONTENS automatically recognizes which content should be created statically or dynamically, thereby ensuring maximum performance on your site and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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