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CONTENS Portal Bus for IBM WebSphere Portal Server

The most difficult IT challenge for most businesses is to set up a modern, high-capability enterprise portal. The far-reaching integration of the CONTENS content management platform with the IBM WebSphere Portal Server (WPS) combines professional enterprise content management with the wide-reaching possibilities of IBM portal servers. Ambitious enterprise portals can be constructed and operated more quickly and efficiently with CONTENS.

The optional module enables bidirectional communication between CONTENS and the IBM WebSphere Portal Server, which is becoming increasingly standard in the world of portal maintenance technology. The CONTENS Portal Bus for WPS is especially intended for operating B2B/Extranet portals as well as for use on intranets (B2E).

Site-management in CONTENS

This means that CONTENS editors can continue using the familiar interface in the CMS to construct new sites, edit existing sites, change site structure or delete pages. In the same manner, editors can easily create new content, and even apply existing CONTENS applications using proven CMS functions in IBM's WPS. Portlets on IBM WebSphere Portal Servers pages are conversely displayed in CONTENS. Any changes are automatically synchronized between CONTENS and the IBM WPS upon publication.

The IBM WebSphere Portal Server's page directory is synchronized with the CONTENS page directory through the integrated XML interface. All content from the CMS, such as articles, images, press releases and news are shown in the IBM WPS with the help of portlets. CONTENS automatically stations these content portlets during synchronization and takes care of the configuration simultaneously. Editors can conduct the required settings for language versions, target groups, roles or access rights as usual in CONTENS.

Integrating existing online applications

Dynamic database applications that are already present in CONTENS are integrated with the IBM WPS using portlets. This can occur when using web services and web clipping. With the use of CONTENS, already existing applications can be used again and do not need to be newly designed.

Advantages at a glance

Businesses stand to profit in more ways than one from the integration of CONTENS with the IBM WebSphere Portal Server:

  • High End Portal Server: Highest availability and flexible scalability are hallmarks of the IBM WPS.
  • Intuitive Content Management: CONTENS offers all functions by default for complete mapping of the content life cycle.
  • Familiar Environment: Editors work in CONTENS and do not require any extra training to use the IBM WPS.
  • Complete CMS Functionality: Standard functions such as workflows, rights systems, content reusability and link integrity are immediately available with the integration of CONTENS.
  • Separation of Editorial and Live Servers: Reduces strain on servers and increases performance.
  • Publication on Multiple Servers: Internet content can, for example, be published on the usual Web server. Content for the intranet can be published on the IBM WPS.
  • Personalization: Specific content for target groups and personalization functions.
  • Fully Automatic Synchronization: Synchronization of all pages, content and applications is automatically executed.
  • Successful References: Customers are already successfully using the CONTENS Portal Bus for WPS.
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