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Benefit from our many years of experience and extensive know-how.

Whether you are planning a new application, or would like to optimize an existing application, benefit from the many years of experience and the comprehensive know-how our employees have gained through hundreds of online projects.

Our support offer includes the following services:

  • Planning, construction, and development of customized ColdFusion applications
  • Analysis and fine-tuning of existing ColdFusion applications
  • Performance fine-tuning of ColdFusion applications
  • Server setup and ColdFusion installation

Among the employees at CONTENS, are experts who have been working with ColdFusion since 1996; considered by some to be the most efficient application language in use today. Other employees have written leading technical articles in well-known international developer magazines, appeared in international developer conferences as ColdFusion experts, and are highly respected for their valuable contributions in the ColdFusion community. It would be hard to find more comprehensive ColdFusion expertise in the German-speaking area.

Additionally, we rely on web standards such as XHTML, XML, XLS, CSS, RSS, WSDL, and DOM for high-performance and usability of online applications. Modern technologies are also applied such as:

  • Adobe ColdFusion in combination with frameworks such as Mach-II, Fusebox, Model-Glue, ColdSpring, Transfer
  • Java in combination with Frameworks such as Struts, Spring, JUnit
  • Adobe Flash, Flex, Air in combination with frameworks such as Cairngorm
  • JavaScript/DOM in combination with frameworks such as Domapi, Scriptaculous, Prototype, YUI
  • Ajax in combination with frameworks such as ajaxCFC, CFAjax, Spry
  • Web Services

In addition, our technological know-how also encompasses:

  • Datenbase programming: Microsoft SQL Server und Access, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Datenbase modelling: Embarcadero Studio, ERwin, EMS Studio
  • Version control: CVS, Subversion
  • Continuous integration: Ant, Trac, Ontime, CFCUnit, CruiseControl, Selenium
  • OOP modelling

We would be happy to give you a thorough consultation and show you how to get the most out of ColdFusion and speed up your applications.

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