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Project Support

Professional support during the installation of CONTENS straight from the producer.

During the efficient implementation of a content management system, many factors must be taken into consideration. Professional experience can speed up the installation a great deal and allow the costs to be noticeably reduced. So secure the expert product knowledge and extensive project know-how of CONTENS for your company.

Our skilled staff will support you during the implementation of CONTENS with help and advice, and ensure that the defined project goals will be reached within the allotted time schedule.

On the basis of the project we will undertake, amongst other things, the following functions:

  • Systematic requirement analysis
  • Illustration of realization possibilities with pros and cons
  • Schedule a timeplan with fixed goals
  • Project management
  • Creation of individual object classes
  • Template and navigational element generation
  • Planning of integrated online applications
  • Ideal use and fine-tuning of the versatile CONTENS functions (object class-design, system of rights, workflows, etc.)
  • Server installation
  • Connection to existing application, databases, etc.
  • etc.

We are happy to make you an individual offer, please send your request to us at

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