Our Mission Statement

There are a number of values that are very important to us at CONTENS and which guide our actions. We have summarized them in our mission statement and are guided by this in the fulfillment of our tasks.

1. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our work

With our products, we help our customers to be more successful and satisfied. We want to be better so that our customers can better meet their needs and wishes.

2. Employees and partners are also our customers

In addition to the buyers of our products, we also consider our employees and our integration partners as customers. We recognize the satisfaction of our employees and partners as an important goal of our work.

3. We believe in certain values and act according to them

Our interaction with each other and others is characterized by openness, honesty, respect, reliability, predictability, professionalism and friendliness. We believe in these values and act according to our actions.

4. We strive for excellent results

Our work is result-oriented. The results of our work are high-quality software products that meet the needs and wishes of our customers today and tomorrow.

5. High quality connects us

In all areas of our work we are committed to high quality. High quality serves our customers and partners, promotes their satisfaction and serves us in the long term.

6. Ongoing training ensures our competitiveness

We promote and support our employees' continuing education and training, thus ensuring our competitiveness in the long term.

7. We solve our tasks effectively and efficiently

For the fulfillment of our tasks we use the right means and the correct methods. Efficiency determines the relationship between effort and result.

8. Our leaders are ahead and not up

Our executives encourage our employees according to their strengths. Through their actions, they are at the forefront and are a model for our team.