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CONTENS Solutions

Applications tailor-made for individual requirements.

What advantages does CONTENS solutions offer?

Convincing user experience

  • Efficient data maintenance via high-performance web forms instead of outdated applications
  • Proven CONTENS user experience for lists, tables and detail views
  • structured collection of unformatted data that can be used in many places (e.g. website, affiliate portal, smartphone apps, ...)
  • Integration into the CONTENS CMS with use of authorizations and workflows
  • Alternatively also available as standalone solution or connectable to third party systems

High functionality

  • Data records can be created, displayed, edited, deleted, copied, pasted, blocked, published, deactivated, duplicated, searched, and filtered all in the backend.
  • Several tagged records can be copied, deleted, published or deactivated at the same time. Individual multiple assignments can be integrated.
  • Sortable and filterable tables
  • Quick search with Elastic
  • Linking of data records in CONTENS objects (to link a product in an article with the corresponding product data record)

Comprehensive design options

  • Variety of form design fields such as Text Line, Text Area, Single Select, Multiple Select, Category Assignment, Tags, File Upload (e.g., files, pictures, videos), ...
  • Configurable form fields (e.g., required field, minimum / maximum number of characters, multilingualism, individual title and description, multiple use, ...)
  • Grouping of form areas, e.g. for very important content and less important content
  • Setting whether areas are open or closed while editing the record
  • Generation of lists, tables and detailed views with the CONTENS FormBuilder, which enables quick and convenient extensions at any time