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Language detection with GeoIP

Especially listed companies often have to be careful to provide website-specific information to website visitors. With the help of the freely available GeoIP database Maxmind, visitors of a website can be directed to a predefined country or language version with the first visit.


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Ubuntu Linux, nginx, Lucee, PostGreSQL, MaxMind, Google Tag Manager


The Task

Companies that run multilingual websites often want to directly show their visitors the appropriate language version. With the freely available GeoIP database MaxMind, information can be determined that can be used for forwarding to predefined language versions.

The Solution

International companies often want to show visitors the right language version of their website. These then do not have to search for the language navigation and select the desired language.

With the help of the freely available GeoIP database MaxMind as well as the country and language table in CONTENS this can be realized very easily. For example, it can be defined that visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are directed to the German version, while visitors from the USA to the American (us) and visitors from France are directed to the French (fr) version. Visitors from the UK and all other undefined countries, however, can be directed to the English version. Unless an assignment can be determined, it will be redirected to the English version.

Alternatively, website visitors can also be redirected to country pages and any existing language versions. CONTENS offers the possibility to set up country sites and matching language versions. Due to different formulations, the German version in Switzerland may have different content than the comparable language version in Germany or Austria. Ultimately, website visitors should always be able to select their desired language version via a language selection.


The Highlights

  • Determination of user information using the GeoIP database MaxMind
  • Forwarding of website visitors to previously defined country and language versions
  • Ensuring that visitors from certain countries receive the information provided for these countries (important for listed companies, for example)
  • Simplification for visitors to international websites

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