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Content Management for Professionals

For successful online communication with your customers and business partners, you need a content management solution that allows you to create, edit and publish content quickly and easily. For many years CONTENS has been the flexible and reliable CMS that meets your requirements.

An overview of all new products and improvements in CONTENS can be found here.

One platform for your Content

CONTENS is your central platform to successfully run international websites, intranets, extranets, landingspages and newsletters. A particular strength is the easy management of different country- and language-versions of one or more websites.


CONTENS is the strategic platform to operate all company websites. 


CONTENS is the flexible basis for your classic intranet or a modern social workplace.


CONTENS is perfectly suited for extranets addressing business partners or customers.

Clear User Interface

The CONTENS user interface is clearly structured. Editors open the desired pages with the page tree on the left side. They  can then view these pages as they will appear after publication. This WYSIWYG mode helps editors and simplifies the daily work.

Multiple Sites in 1 Installation

In addition to a website, many companies operate an intranet, several landingspages, or an extranet to communicate with business partners. CONTENS allows you to manage multiple sites in a single installation. Thanks to the sophisticated permission management, you can define precisely who has which permissions in which area.

Split Screen for Translations

Proof-reading or translating multi-lingual websites is particularly easy with the Split Screen view in CONTENS. Pages and articles can be displayed side by side in two different languages, making it very easy to compare them.

Structured Content

For editing and processing content, CONTENS can define clear structures that support the editors in their tasks. All areas and fields can be individually named and flexibly configured (e.g., optional / required, predefined values, etc.).

Nested Content

Content objects can be nested in CONTENS, e.g. an image object in an article. All additional content of the image object such as ALT text, photographer, copyright, etc. can be used in the article output type. The image object can be used in various other objects. You can also define whether one or more other objects can be integrated into a content object.

Use Content Multiple Times

Content can be used multiple times in CONTENS in different places, e.g. an image on the start page, on an overview page and in a image gallery. Each content can be used as a copy or instance. If an instance is updated, all uses of this instance in other places are also updated.

Perfect Design with Output Types

If content is used in different places on a website, it can happen that it should be presented differently. Output types are a practical solution for this. With one click they change the design of the content element. Predefined output types can be selected and assigned to a content element via the context menu.

Always in Focus with HotSpot

If an image should be used in different formats - rectangular and square - it may happen that the main image area in one of the formats is not visible. With the hotspot feature in CONTENS 5, this problem is a thing of the past. The editor defines the HotSpot (red dot on the screenshot) on the original image, which is used in formats as the center of the image. Thus, the essential part of an image is always in the focus of the viewer.

Better Communication with Short Links

Long and incomprehensible links are hard to remember and are thus unsuitable for communication and marketing. CONTENS URLs are already understandable and SEO friendly. But it is even easier: For each page one or more short links can be created, which can be easily remembered and typed. Because basic links like work better in marketing than cryptic URLs like$1.

Static and dynamic page generation

Static HTML pages offer maximum reliability and very fast loading times with minimal effort. They are particularly suitable for pages that rarely need to be updated. With CONTENS, content can be published statically, dynamically and hybrid, depending on the requirements. Hybrid means that the page is generated statically and certain content is loaded dynamically.

Cloud Services

Published content is transferred to cloud storage and delivered with high-performance, scalable microservices. This guarantees a highly available delivery that is detached from content editing.

Library for all content elements

With a fast full-text search, the CONTENS library offers direct access to all content created on the pages. With the help of facets and storable search profiles, even extensive repositories can be searched through and managed efficiently.

Flexible permissions

The authorization concept in CONTENS allows the flexible assignment of different authorizations to CONTENS editors. A chief editor can have access to all functions (screenshot below), while an intern only has selected functions (screenshot above).

System Requirements for CONTENS 5.7.8

The following system requirements apply to the CMS CONTENS 5.7.8:

Application Server

  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Update 19, 2021 Update 12, 2023 Update 6
  • Lucee 5.1 -, 6.0.1


  • MySQL 5.6.5 - 5.7.x, 8.2
  • MariaDB 10.1 - 11.3
  • PostGreSQL 9 - 16.1
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2012 - 2022
  • Oracle 12


  • Chrome 60 - 122
  • Firefox 57 - 84
  • Microsoft Edge 40 - 44, 79 - 87

ATTENTION: Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is no longer available from this version. This is an outdated browser and no longer recommended - use Microsoft Edge!


  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Nginx

Full-text search

  • Lucene 6.4.1
  • ElasticSearch 5.x - 8.13.2
  • Opensearch 1.2.4 - 2.13.0

Image Editing

  • Imagemagick 6.5.x, 7.0.1 - 7.1.1
  • GraphicsMagick 1.3.21 - 1.3.42


  • Memory
  • Java soft references
  • ColdFusion
  • Redis
  • EHCache

CONTENS on Docker

CONTENS offers several Docker configurations for the CMS for different purposes. Docker makes it easy to deploy applications through containers.

Find out more about CONTENS on Docker.