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CONTENS Solutions

Applications tailor-made for individual requirements.

Perfect Addition to the CMS

CONTENS Solutions are the perfect, modern addition to maintain company-specific content and efficiently implement individual requirements. They can be integrated into the CMS and offer users the proven and intuitive CONTENS user experience. Find out about the possibilities and benefits of CONTENS Solutions and be inspired by selected customer solutions:

CONTENS Headless Objectstore

The efficient creation of structured content with the CONTENS Headless Objectstore and its use on websites, apps and other touchpoints saves time and enables developers and agencies to offer customized solutions for the needs of their customers.

CONTENS Headless Objectstore

Newsroom CMS

The Newsroom CMS facilitates the professional news production and reduces the publication time to a minimum.

Newsroom CMS

CONTENS Social Workplace

The CONTENS Social Workplace is the modern Intranet for fast and up-to-date exchange of information in the company.

CONTENS Social Workplace

Integration of the SAP HR Module

Job advertisements from SAP HR can be simply and easily displayed on the website.

SAP HR Module

Internal Event Management

Manage internal events easily and quickly with the CONTENS Social Workplace.


Weekly Info for Stores

The weekly information facilitates structured communication with the branches and speeds up the distribution of important information to local employees.

Weekly Info

Automatic Newsletter

Personalized newsletters can be created and sent automatically based on individual criteria and tags.

Automatic Newsletter

Language Version with GeoIP

With the help of the freely available GeoIP database Maxmind, visitors of a website can be directed to a predefined country or language version with their first visit.


Provide Content for Apps

Website content can be deployed to Apps as you publish. App users can be automatically notified of new content.

Content for Apps