CONTENS Web Content Management System McDonald's

McDonald’s Intranet - I'm loving it!

The McDonald's intranet for around 66,000 employees in Germany has been running on CONTENS since 2010. In addition to up-to-the-minute information, it also offers personalized applications tailored to the needs of individual users. ElasticSearch provides fast and reliable access to the documents stored. The precise permission system ensures that each user sees exactly the content that is relevant to him.


Gastronomy / Restaurant


ColdFusion (Railo), Elasticsearch, Grails, IIS with Single Sign-On, jQuery



The Task

Franchisees, restaurant managers and employees access the McDonald's Intranet based CONTENS every day to get news about current products or promotions. An important goal in the implementation of the intranet was to make access to the thousands of content as easy and fast as possible. In addition to information on forthcoming actions, users are offered a large selection of additional documents as well as the data of contact persons.

The Solution

In 2010 the online experts from the Neue Digitale / Razorfish agency selected the CMS technology from CONTENS, which also convinced McDonald's. The decision makers at McDonald's liked the technical flexibility, the modular extensibility as well as the intuitive user interface of CONTENS.

McDonald's is using the Intranet platform to provide not only the company's service center employees, but also franchisees and restaurant managers in the local stores with day-to-day information and services. As diverse as the users of the portal, the demands on the content that the intranet should make available are as varied.

The Highlights

  • Intranet for McDonald's franchisees
  • Quick access to daily information
  • Document search with ElasticSearch
  • Full-text search via metadata and content
  • Search-As-You-Type and Search-Filter
  • Personalized content depending on the authorization