Working at CONTENS

Working at CONTENS

At CONTENS you can expect a professional team with years of WebTech experience, exciting IT projects for well-known customers, modern web technologies, strong products, a pleasant working environment and a good work-life balance. And a lot more ...

Dedicated experts

Our team consists of experienced computer scientists, IT experts and web professionals who are passionately committed to efficient web content management. For more than 20 years we have been finding convincing, intuitive and high-performance solutions for managing digital content with web technologies for our customers.

Web technologies in focus

We develop convincing customer solutions for modern browsers. Increasing technical possibilities and more and more powerful web technologies constantly expand our scope for faster, better and simpler applications. This motivates us every day anew. 

Pleasant working atmosphere

If you like a lively hectic metropolitan area, we have to disappoint you. We work in pairs or threes in quiet, bright offices and appreciate a relaxed but concentrated working atmosphere. Modern IT equipment, double monitors, ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks are standard for us.

Mobile working from home

Fortunately, we can also carry out the majority of our activities for our customers in mobile working. This reduces the time for the daily commute to work and at the same time minimizes the risk of infection through fewer contacts.


People who work in a concentrated way want to relax in between. This is best done in our comfortable kitchen, in our lounge with inviting sofas, foosball table and PlayStation or in summer on our terrace. We also like to meet there for a barbecue after work. 

Drinks, fruits and snacks for you

In the office, free drinks, fresh fruit and small snacks are available to all colleagues. Our "fuel" fridge is always well stocked with delicious refreshments, healthy vitamin supplements and snacks await you at the reception. 

Collegial cooperation

The cooperation in the CONTENS team and the collegial support is characterized by a special helpfulness. We all provide the best possible services for our clients. To this end, we all pull together and are happy to drink a toast after work. 

Coding together

Regular Scrum meetings, joint code reviews and pair programming help us to develop the best possible solutions for our customers. We analyze and design as a team and support each other to continuously improve our services. 

Budget for work equipment

Everyone here in the team has certain preferences as to what he or she prefers to work with. Be it a special mouse, a special keyboard or whatever. With the personal budget for all employees, these wishes can be fulfilled individually and easily. 

A healthy work-life balance

Of course, sometimes we also have to get really involved in order to deliver the best possible results to our customers. However, we attach great importance to the fact that overtime remains the absolute exception. And if they do occur, they can be immediately reduced again by compensating for time off.

We educate

We gladly share our knowledge and experience. Therefore we have been training IT specialists (f/m/d) for application development in cooperation with the IHK for years. The outstanding results of our trainees make us proud and show that we offer valuable vocational training. 

Join events

Whether Christmas party, company anniversary, barbecue on our terrace, B2Run, the Wiesn event or "CONTENS on Snow" - there are also entertaining activities outside of work. All voluntary, many of them also for the family and always with a clear goal: having fun together. 

Strong back office

So that all colleagues can concentrate fully on their tasks, they receive professional support from our experienced back office. Travel planning, bookings, purchases and much more - the back office offers helpful relief for topics that are not part of the usual work area.

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