Newsroom CMS - Efficient News Production

The Newsroom CMS facilitates the professional production of news and reduces the publication time to a minimum. The development impressively shows the lasting benefits that a tailor-made application can achieve.


all industries


Angular, Apache Webserver, ColdFusion (Lucee), ElasticSearch, Google Suggest, JSON, mongoDB


The Task

The time to produce, edit and publish messages should be significantly reduced. At the same time, the process of getting a message online should be clearly structured and simplified. The messages are to be captured unformatted, in order to display them over a large number of output devices.

The Solution

Newsroom CMS helps editors easily create news from inception to publication. Search-as-you-type searches and Google Suggest integration make suggestions for categorization and keywording based on collected content such as the headline. The suggestions can be easily marked and selected with "Enter".

The defined structure makes it much easier for editors to input content. The individual steps to create messages can be comfortably navigated with shortcuts, which provides a noticeable acceleration for experienced users.

Predefined formats are available for fast integration of images from linked image databases (for example 16: 9, 16:10, 4: 3, ...), and can be applied with one click. In addition, corrections to brightness, contrast and sharpness may be made, and areas of images can be blurred. Additional interfaces allow easy integration of media elements such as videos, picture galleries, surveys, lists, polls, spreadsheets and tickers.

In addition to the content that is created for the reader, SEO-relevant information is collected to allow optimal positioning in search engines. Based on the selected categories, editors receive suggestions for additional content before publication, which can be displayed in the context of the new message.

The Newsroom CMS was designed as part of a customer project based on individual requirements and and a bespoke solution was developed by CONTENS. We are happy to advise you on how to implement your editorial requirements with a Newroom CMS as well.

The Highlights

  • High performance Angular frontend for efficient creation of news
  • Shortcuts in the browser for maximum efficiency
  • Connection of numerous interfaces for the integration of media elements such as pictures, galleries, videos, polls, surveys, etc.
  • Unformatted storage of content for variable output (e.g., website, apps, info screens, newsletters, etc.)
  • Storage of content in mongoDB. The noSQL database supports sharding and replication and is ideal for very large amounts of data
  • Very fast search and delivery of content by Elastic

For More Information

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