Your Newsroom as a Content Hub

The CONTENS Newsroom is your hub for all of the content in your corporate communication. Through the media-neutral presentation in various channels you can achieve maximum reach while only creating the content once. Optimized output formats for the respective end devices ensure an exemplary user experience.


Headless API

Amazon Web Services

Integrated in CONTENS

Tech Stack

Due to the neutral data storage, the newsroom becomes the provider for your high-quality content in the corporate network. No matter whether it is a press release on the corporate website, a case study in the social media channel, or professional articles in the mobile app - your content is maintained centrally in one place, optimized for output and made available with high performance.

The manner in which users consume content is changing rapidly. Language assistants such as Siri or Alexa are already evaluating the user's needs and preparing content in the desired layout. With the Headless API of the CONTENS newsroom you are well prepared for all trends and create a sustainable basis for any future formats.

Accessibility and reliability are important for sustainable revenues through high-quality content. This is the only way to generate the PIs required for advertising formats reveal their maximum potential. CONTENS relies on a professional AWS architecture to deliver your content reliably, even during peak access times.

Newsroom content can be deployed quickly and easily in various locations using the applications provided. An editor can thus manage a large number of sites with different focus points. Automated interfaces ensure up-to-date content at all times with minimal editorial effort.

The CONTENS Newsroom was developed for maximum performance with state-of-the-art web technologies such as Elastic, Node.js, Express, Typescript, Pug, Sharp, Libvips, AWS ECS, CloudFront, EFS, and S3. Individual applications can be integrated via (Angular) Web Components. The Newsroom runs in the AWS cloud for flexible scalability.

Newsroom Features

  • Fast production and publishing of content
  • Pre-production of content (to publish at specific event or time)
  • Create content once and use it multiple times in different places (website, apps, PWA,...)
  • SEO support
  • Fast scalability and performance through Amazon Web Service
  • Import of content from external sources possible
  • Automatic filling and cleaning (e.g. by time period)
  • Output-independent management of news content (no templates, no pages) with an intuitive GUI
  • No more work on pages is necessary, editorial focus is on content maintenance
  • Quick and easy sorting and categorization of content
  • Dynamic playout of news categories and their news details
  • Central repository of published news in Elastic (JSON API)
  • API to access the news
  • Integration of interfaces, e.g. news tickers from press agencies such as dpa, etc...
  • Optimized GUI for content creators, page-maintainers, layout designers
  • News deployment via automated/manually maintained news lists, according to topicality (also: archives), via API to apps, or linked to websites in CMS thanks to seamless integration

Example Uses

Use the CONTENS Newsroom to generate your content in a manner that fits your company perfectly.  Only create your content one time to make it available for variety of digital applications. Once created, content can then be reused indefinitely.

  • Company news: Central content hub for all company messages
  • Press releases: Efficient management of messages and deployment via your press room
  • MediaCenter for audio and video content: Digital pool of all company media provided for use
  • Product data and descriptions: Collection and preparation of all product data (texts, images, videos)
  • Job descriptions: Create structured job offers and post in career portals
  • Social Wall: Collection of content from social media for presentation on a central page
  • Events: Description and categorization of events for use in lists and calendars
  • Intranet: Publication of intranet messages for different departments and company divisions depending on authorization

The Newspool

The Newspool contains all self-generated and imported content (e.g. from dpa, Reuters or ots). With the help of the Search-as-you-type feature you can quickly find the hits for your search term. The filter options allow you to limit the search result to specified categories (e.g. sport) and the searched status (e.g. online, offline,...). Select a message and add it to a Newslist.

News Lists

Create News Lists for specific topics, e.g. sports or news. With the help of the News Lists, the contents are deployed via newsboxes on the website or in other channels. You can use category subscriptions to ensure that the latest news is always included in your News List. The contents of a News List can be manually sorted by drag & drop or pinned to a specific position (e.g. second one down).

Create News quickly

To create a news item, click on the green plus sign in the upper left corner. The well-structured process supports you optimally in creating your message. In the "Meta" area, select the appropriate categories and tags for your message and define the article type.

Flexible Article Structure

In the "Story" area, you create the content of your message next to the central article image. You have numerous assets at your disposal for this, with which you can design your article in an appealing way. Select content elements such as headings, sections, images, image galleries, forms, or downloads as required to make your article more interesting. You can change the order of elements in the Articles area using drag & drop. 

Pre-filled Teasers

On the basis of the previously created contents, headline, and intro, different teasers are automatically pre-filled in order to simplify the creation of the message. Depending on the output medium and available space, long and short teasers can be used to draw attention to your message. All pre-filled content may be edited to improve the result.


The CONTENS Newsroom prepares content so that it can be optimally indexed by search engines. Even before publishing, you will see a preview in the "Teaser" area of the page of how your message will be displayed in the Google search results. The SEO title and description are drawn from the existing content and can then be further optimized afterwards.

Related Topics

In the "More" area, select the categories that can be displayed as "related topics" in conjunction with your message. These are based on the categories you have selected for your messages. "Related topics" provide readers with additional information that may also be of interest to them.


In the "Publication" section, you specify whether your message is to be published or taken offline at a specific time. To do this, simply select the desired date and time. When updating an existing news item, you can specify whether the updated item should be pushed to the top in the respective news lists. To post very quickly, you can publish a message with just the three mandatory details at any time, using the green "Save and publish" button. 

Multi Deployment

With the Newsroom, content can be quickly generated, easily prepared, and deployed many times over. Create your own content in an optimized workflow or use existing content from other agencies. Define in the News Lists where each item is to be deployed. Automatically deploy your content after publication in predefined places, e.g. on websites, in apps, PWAs, or info terminals. The output display can be predefined centrally or editorially modified with Newsboxes.

Cloud Architecture

In the CONTENS Newsroom you can easily create structured content or import content from connected providers. The system runs in the cloud and uses the latest AWS technologies to ensure scalability and high availability, such as docker-based microservices for newsroom logic and image scaling, ElasticSearch cluster for high-performance delivery and full-text search, and Amazon S3 for storing binary data. Access is via the REST interface, e.g. from CMS, web apps, native apps, language assistants, or newsletter systems.

Flexible API

The flexible Newsroom API gives you easy access to all centrally stored content. For example, you can select individual news items (on the left), the contents of a News List (middle) or all available News Lists (right) to output them in web apps, PWAs, native apps, and other applications.