Inhalte für App bereitstellen

Provide content for apps

Website content maintained in the CMS CONTENS can also be made available for apps. With an extension, new content in the app can be displayed with a red badge and the number of new content.


all industries


ColdFusion, iOS, RSS, JSON, OneSignal


The Task

Content should be created so that it can be output in several places - for example, on the website and in an app - in different contexts. This avoids the multiple input and maintenance of the same content and noticeably reduces the administrative effort.

The Solution

Most companies communicate with their prospects and customers through multiple channels. The most common ones include, for example, the website, customer or partner portals, newsletters and apps for mobile devices.

Often content such as news, articles or products should be provided in multiple channels. As a rule, this means that content must be created and maintained several times for different channels. Depending on the number of channels and different formats, this considerably increases the creation and maintenance effort.

The provision of new content from the CMS CONTENS for display in further channels significantly minimizes the creation and maintenance effort for content. For example, content from CONTENS can be provided in RSS or JSON format, which can be read by a mobile app.

By incorporating an individual publish method, you can examine specific requirements that need to be met before deployment. For example, it is possible to define that only content of certain types of objects (for example, articles and news, but not press releases) should be made available to the app.

After being published in CONTENS, the new, tested content is immediately available in the connected app. It can be defined whether all elements of a content should be provided for the app or only selected content, e.g. only the headline, the teaser and the publication date. New content is displayed - as known from other applications - with the help of a red badge and the number of new content. At the same time, push notifications can be sent to the app so that the news appears on the app users' lock screen and home screen.

In addition to providing content from CONTENS for mobile applications, we also support our customers in the design and development of apps.

The Highlights

  • Display content from the CONTENS CMS in an app
  • Provision via RSS and JSON
  • Push notification for app users via OneSignal when new content has been published
  • Display content on the lock screen and home screen
  • Tool for managing individual push notifications
  • Marker with red circle and the number of new contents

For More Information

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