Biotest Veranstaltungen

Internal event management

Biotest manages internal events and events for employees in the CONTENS Social Workplace. This allows new events to be quickly advertised in the company and easily managed.


all industries


Angular, ColdFusion, Lucee, REST API, MySQL


The Task

The pharmaceutical specialist Biotest offers its employees numerous events and training courses. Efficient event management and simple participant management required a new solution that could easily be integrated into the existing intranet.

The Solution

The module "Events" is a supplement to the CONTENS Social Workplace at Biotest. Events can be quickly and easily created, managed and advertised. Because they not only appear in the events area, but also in the News Feed and the Infobox. Participants can search for events, filter by category, find out about the topics and register with one click.

Registered users with sufficient rights create new events and maintain existing events. Created events can be used with one click as a template for new events, which speeds up the creation noticeably. When creating one-day appointments, multi-day appointments can be created at once or several individual, related appointments. In addition, time periods can be defined and topics and speakers can be defined, which makes it very easy to set up a chronological agenda. In addition to the time zone and a definable event category, you can also specify the venue that automatically appears on a Google map.

For the exact presentation of the event, a formattable description area is available. You can also add files and select speakers. A Search-As-You-Type search shows already registered speakers, who can be easily added to an event by clicking. Finally, it can be defined whether a participation fee is charged, how many places are available and to whom the event should be displayed.

Users of the CONTENS Social Workplace can simply log in using the "Register now" button. The selected event will then also appear in the "My Events" section, which gives a good overview of your own applications.

The internal event management at Biotest facilitates the creation and management of training courses and events within the company. Employees have a good overview of upcoming events and can register quickly and easily with one click.

The Highlights

  • High-performance Angular Frontend for easy care
  • One-day events, multi-day arrangements in one go, multi-day events that are not related
  • Periods for different topics of an event, from which an agenda is formed
  • Automatic Google Maps connection
  • Existing events can be used as a template
  • Clear list of participants
  • Easy registration for participants
  • Activitiy Feed Integration for maximum employee reach
  • Release level for API queries from outside the SWP (for example, display on other intranet sites)